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home CCTV camera system installation singapore

HomeSafe Access Control Systems

HomeSafe Security performs installations for door access to limit entry to a specific location. We also provide integration so that you can collate results of time attendance and monitor the punctuality of the employees. 


Controls access to specific areas


We specialise in controlling access to specific areas that might require permissions from stakeholders using a magnetic lock that deactivates when the employee scan in.


Back up power supply for power cuts


The system comes with a back up battery supply that keeps the door locked even in the event of a power failure ensuring that the items that matter to you are kept safe. 

Access Control Systems Singapore

Monitor attendance and punctuality


The access control system allows the administrator to track the records for attendance at work and also the punctuality of the employees via a report. (only comes with upgraded versions)

Access Control Systems Singapore

Fingerprint, Card and Pin Code Access


The access control systems are able to accept PIN code, fingerprint and card access. Permissions can also be set such that one can only enter when two of three criterias are fulfilled. 

Access Control Systems Singapore

EM Lock system with break glass mechanism


During an emergency, the break glass can be broken for the doors to be deactivated from within the secure location ensuring a swift and quick escape. 

Pricing for Door Access Control System

Start keeping the things that matter secured

Description: A pin code & card entry system for simple office set up.


Brand: Soyal 


Model Number: Soyal 721H 


Package includes: EM lock, Emergency break glass, Number pad, Exit button, 10 reader cards


Additional accessories can be arranged


Installation included 


Pricing for 1 wooden / glass door: 


Access Control Systems Singapore

Handovers are important.

We ensure that customers are fully able to operate the system during the handover, the essense of the installation is so that customers can optimally utilise the functions to perform day to day operations. 


Unlike our competitors, whose responsibility ends after the physical installation, HomeSafe Security believes in systems that value add your business. 

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