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home CCTV camera system installation Singapore

In the dark nights or sunny days, 

We got your back covered 

Photo: Installation of cameras for container storage site

Frequenly Asked Questions

How can you place an order with us?

Placing an order with us is as easy as ABC. 


1. Call us at 6646 0074 and let provide us the following information:
- how many cameras do you require
- the area and size of the installation site and if there is false ceiling available
- if the site is under renovation or not
- is there a need to view remotely


From there, we will be able to provide a rough pricing.

2. Next, SMS the location of the installation site to +65 9820 2272 with your name and contact details.

3. A site visit can be arranged to view your site (optional for HDB units)

4. A quotation will be sent over to you. Upon confirmation of the quotation, we will be able to commence work within 5 working days.



Can the system be viewed over smartphone? And how is it done?

Yes, HomeSafe Security's CCTV system can be viewed over smartphones (iOS and Android). It is viewed over the smartphone via a network service more commonly known as "DDNS" (dynamic domain name server) and this service is currently provided free. Hence when you enter your home address, the service will bring you to the cameras at home.

What is the warranty? What does it include or exclude?

The warranty applicable is for 1 year onsite. Hence, unlike other companies who charges for transport fees each time they provide warranty, HomeSafe Security will not charge if the fault resides with our equipment having any form of defects.


Please note that the warranty does not cover negligence or act of God. Please also note that if there is any damage due to power surges (eg. an overload of current), it will not be claimable under the warranty.

I am moving house, can i bring my cameras and recorder with me?

Yes, you can move your cameras and your existing system. Typically we charge about $150 to $200 per point when relocating the CCTV system.


However, customers are encouraged to remove the cameras and recorder themselves and we will take over the equipment to install at the new premises. 

How long does the installation take? What's the lead time?

The installation of 4 cameras will usually take up to 3/4 of the day. We will always ask you to allocate slightly more time so that we are able to properly handover the entire system and perform finishings for our work. The lead time will be 2 to 5 working days from confirmation to installation.

What do i do if i cannot access my cameras?

Should there be any trouble accessing your cameras, on and off the recorder and if you persistently am unable to receive the camera feed, drop us an email via the contact page or you can call us at +65 6646 0074.

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