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HomeSafe Security CCTV System Promotion

Homesafe Security Promotional Discount

5% off all 4 cameras orders

Despite rising cost and the height of a pandemic, all od us here at Homesafe Security is trying our best to reduce costs for our clients via online support and developing more efficient methods of work

We are providing a 5% discount for 4 cameras and above installations. 

We aim to keep you safe and secure at an affordable rate and pricing. 

Only valid for the first 50 customers. 

Do call us at 6646 0074 for more details

We are still working so that you can let your kids stay home if needed 

Free 1 dummy camera for every installation.

Valid for the first 20 customers only. 

Please quote "work from home" when placing your order. 

Fever Detection Cameras 

During this Covid-19 virus season, we will be selling fever detection cameras at cost. We are committed in helping society and Singapore fight this virus.

As such, we will be extending a not-for-profit sale of the fever detection cameras.


Lets stand together and fight this virus as a nation.  

All Other Camera Packages

8 or 16 HD Camera Systems

HomeSafe Security provides customised quotes for all other numbers of cameras. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to have an professional survey done on your location to determine the quantity and quality of cameras you require. 

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Demonstration of CCTV system on iPhone / Android 

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