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HomeSafe Intercom Systems

HomeSafe Security performs installations for intercom so that you can find out who is waiting just outside the door. It also informs you when there is a visitor to your place on your phone. 


Manufactured by Hikvision


The intercom system is from HIKvision, one of the biggest brands in CCTV and automated security systems. Over the years, their research has grown into development of AI and multiple security solutions


Monitor real time and past records


The systems allows the administrator to check on past records. The records are always stored on the monitors that come with the package. 


Alerts you on the mobile phone


The intercom system allows for a linkage with the mobile to provide you an alert when someone rings the bell. You are able to establish two way conversations with the visitor on the screen.

hikvision intercom.jpg

Elegant Design and smooth interface


The intercom system comes with a display panel that provides you with an interface to access the camera based outside the door. The enclosure is made of full metal giving a sleek finish.

Access Control Systems Singapore

Service to integrate system


HomeSafe Security also provide services to integrate the system into the CCTV software system for a nominal fee.

Pricing for Intercom Systems

Start keeping your home and office secured today

Description: Intercom system with network functions

Brand: Hikvision


Model Number: DS-KIS601


Package includes: 1 intercom panel, 1 intercom monitor and configuration of network


Additional accessories can be arranged for customised installation


Installation included 


Pricing for 1 entrance: 


Access Control Systems Singapore

Handovers are important.

We ensure that customers are fully able to operate the system during the handover, the essense of the installation is so that customers can optimally utilise the functions to perform day to day operations. 


Unlike our competitors, whose responsibility ends after the physical installation, HomeSafe Security believes in systems that value add your business. 

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