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home CCTV camera system installation singapore

CCTV installation for construction site to monitor workplace safety, manpower efficiency and theft of high value products.

HomeSafe Security CCTV Systems

home CCTV camera system installation singapore

CCTV Systems


CCTV Systems is commonly deployed within homes, offices, factories and warehouse complex. It retains recordings of the activities that happen from day to day. The live view also allows you to monitor what happens where ever you might be.  

access control systems wit biometrics

Access Control


Access Control systems are deployed to ensure that entry is only granted to selected personnel, attendance management and monitoring employee movement. It maximises productivity of the Human Resource Department 


Home / Office Door Intercom system


We do provide services such as installation of Intercom systems that can be connected using the internet connection and linked with smartphones.

Homesafe security CCTV system installation for a warehouse compound

Security is priceless, Our prices are not.


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