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Video Surveillance: HD Analogue systems

We must have faced the huge dilemma of having to choose between IP cameras and traditional HD analogue CCTV systems. Many a times, not understanding what each represented, clients would make uninformed decisions about which to use in a house or corporate setting.

We will seek to first explain how does the HD analogue system works before doing another part on IP camera system.

HD analogue systems (commonly known as HD TVI or CVI or AHD) is a product meant for transmitting high definition images using the once used RG59 cables.

As all IP cameras require a CAT5e or CAT6 cable to transmit signal, existing home owners with cables wired within the house will have problems when they would want to convert to High Definition clarity of the IP camera.

Picture: a sample of an old analogue CCTV system

Hence, CCTV manufacturers created a solution by introducing TVI (developed by TechWell, Silicone Valley), CVI (developed by Dahua, China) and AHD (developed by Nextchip, Korea).

Transmitting a coaxial signal with high definition clarity via the RG59 cable will allow home owners to convert to High Definition clarity without having to change the cables they previously used for analogue CCTV system saving home owners potentially huge amounts of money.

Picture: a sample of a HD720P camera system within the same locality.

Choosing a HD analogue system does have its benefits. HD analogue systems have low prices (HomeSafe Security replacement of HD720P camera: $110.00) and are fairly quick and easy to replace, which means that labour cost of replacement will be lower.

HD analogue systems do not occupy an IP address so there is very little settings that needs to be done when you choose to replace or relocate the camera system.

HD analogue systems do give decent clarity as compared to the analogue predecessor. At HD720P, the viewing distance under good lighting can be up to 15 metres giving you a resolution of 0.92 megapixel. HD1080P cameras are able to offer clear views of up to 2.07 megapixels.

So with all these said, what are the downsides of having a HD analogue CCTV?

The problem is that they are not able to offer higher clarity as compared to IP camera systems with resolutions going up to 4K ultra HD (developed by Sony). Hence, some owners still choose to use IP camera systems as compared to HD analogue.

So the next article we will be touching on IP camera systems.

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