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All you need to know about HIK-connect software

HIK-connect software on the iPhone or Android system can be downloaded from App store or Play Store. A lot of times people who use our home CCTV systems and commercial CCTV systems have misconceptions about it. Leading to some frustration dealing with log ins or forgetting the password.

1. There is only 1 phone number / email account linked with the recorder

No 2 phone numbers can be used to scan the QR code. Only 1 phone number can be used to scan the QR code (housed below the recorder of the home CCTV camera system). Hence when you log into the system, u need to always use the same phone number and password to log in (regardless of whichever device you want to use to view it, meaning it can be connected to multiple devices to view simultaneously using the same account)

2. If you forgot your HIK-connect password, you can reset it

Just go to the log in page and select "forget password". then type in your phone number, an SMS for verification will be sent to you and you will be able to reset your password from there on upon verification.

home CCTV camera system

3. HIK-connect allows you to playback 1 camera at a time

Due to bandwidth limitation for mobile phones, the HIK-connect app allows you to playback the camera footages one camera at a time.

home CCTV camera system

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