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Receiving notifications when motion is detected

Motion detection with push notification is a great function for all homes. In a simple nutshell, what it does, is to send a notification to your phone when motion is detected within a certain specified area at home using the home CCTV camera system.

Think about it. The applications of it are vast and improve you life significantly.

It can be use to inform you when there is a stranger lurking outside your home, or when the maid enters the baby room at night, or when someone trespasses the private property in the middle of the night, or in a case of elder care, when the elder wakes up in the middle of the night.

You will then be able scroll back and look through the list of notifications to do a short playback of the motion detected. This saves you the time you need to scroll back and look for the motion detected.

home CCTV camera system

As you can see from the screen shot, the notifications appear at the bottom of the hik-connect app in the interface loaded for the home CCTV camera system.

This function will allow you to operate the cameras like a home alarm system without the need of having paid subscriptions or having an auxiliary police coming to your place when a false alarm is triggered.

It will also you to monitor areas where you need to pay more attention to more effectively. Please see the video to understand a little more about the deployment.

You are also able to customise and toggle on or off for receiving push notifications and to set a schedule as to when is it activated and when it would be deactivated. Hence, you are able to activate this function for example only at night between 11pm to 5am.


Do check with our technicians on how they can help you activate this function for a nominal fee as all sets do have an inbuilt function.

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