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4 Megapixels IP cameras, Over-specification or Great Solution for home CCTV camera system?

With the launch of the 4 Megapixel IP home CCTV camera system, we are offering home CCTV system in a whole new dimension of clarity. With such specifications, one would immediately feel that it is a great solution for higher clarity.

But there are some things that are important to consider when making such a choice.

1. The display devices you are using to view the cameras

With higher clarity, there is definitely a demand to use a high definition device to stream it. With a definition of 2240x1680, the cameras are almost 1.6 times clearer that full HD systems.

The brand new iPhone X that was launched recently packs a resolution of HD1080P, making the only way to enjoy higher resolution switching to the 4K television set (which supports up to 8 Megapixels of clarity, BlueRay, UHD.. Horray!)

So it would be an over specification for a user who is going to primarily use the iPhone to view the cameras. But to a factory owner who possesses a UHD TV, it would seem as a practical solution.

2. Hard disk space

With higher clarity, the requirement for hard disk space would increase. A typical hard disk size of 2 x 4TB (total: 8TB) would support roughly 1 week of recordings in H.264 format.

With that being said, certain functions that require high bandwidth, it would be wise to go with 4 megapixel clarity.

3. Cabling

The 4 Megapixel IP camera requires CAT (LAN) cabling. Typically, a CAT5e cable will do the job since transmission would be done over the network at a rate of 10-15 Mbps which is significantly lower than that of 100Mbps supported by CAT5e cables.

However, the maximum deployment distance of LAN cable is 100 metres (without 5% as buffer) making it less deployable compared to the 300-500 metres of deployment for RG59 (used mainly for HD1080P TVI camera systems).

To skirt the problem, switches can always be used with boosters for the deployment of the cables and if the distance is too far, optic fibre cables can be used with the deployment. With optic fibre technology, the cameras can go as far as 2-5 km. But the issue then would be the costing for the client.

4. POE

The 4 Megapixel Home IP cameras CCTV system is great for its POE functions meaning that there is no longer a need to create power points in the ceiling or set up messing power cables for the installation of the Home CCTV system.

In conclusion:

The 4 Megapixel Home IP cameras CCTV system is a great idea for most people looking for something higher end. However, the bandwidth etc should be factored in seriously before going in for such a solution before you start enjoying the high quality images this camera can produce.

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