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How to install Teamviewer on your computer

At HomeSafe Security, we provide remote assistance for our customers and the software we use to provide support remotely would be team viewer. You will need to follow the steps as written below to give us the user ID and Pin so that we are able to remotely use your computer at home to access and troubleshoot the home CCTV camera system.

We can help you configure the router if you have changed one recently or use it to manage the settings or to demonstrate how to use the home CCTV camera system if need be.

1. Go to and click download for the OS u are running

2. Next just run through the installation process and install the software.

3. After installation, start the software (usually a short cut is created on the desktop)

4. Give us the ID and the PIN and we will be able to remotely control the computer

Remote support for home CCTV camera system

The teamviewer software changes the PIN every time you restart the software, thus ensuring your safety and that we will not be able to access without your permission.

With this, we will be able to troubleshoot the home CCTV camera system within 1-2 business days.

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