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5 Megapixels of clarity - what does it mean?

With the introduction of 5 megapixels camera and recorder? What is the purpose and function? What are the common pitfalls ad what truly means 5 megapixels?

Firstly a brief understanding of 5 megapixels. 5 Megapixels of resolution roughly translates to 2560 x 1920 pixels of resolution. With such a resolution, it will take normally a UHD TV set or a high specifications phone to render such an image quality.

In terms of recordings, at H.264 compression, 24 hours of recordings at 15 FPS (frames per second) will take 52GB of data. At H.264+ compression, 24 hours of recordings at 15 FPS (frames per second) will take 26GB of data. Hence 2TB of data will support the recorder for 19 days.

As the resolution increases, so does the need for having a larger hard disk to meet minimum requirements for recording. This is critical for most applications because at such a high specification, understanding how much data you need is important to maintain a trove of recordings that are practical to requirements of the client.

Secondly, with the increase in resolution, a higher bandwidth is needed to view the cameras. What i means is that it will require more internet speed to see the cameras clearly and smoothly. With clarity comes the need for higher internet speed so that the video images can be loaded faster. For 4 cameras of 5 megapixels in resolution, the bandwidth needed is 9 MBPS (after compression).

Thirdly, equipment matters when it comes to getting the full 5 megapixel resolution. Some suppliers might quote you a 5 megapixel camera with a 2 Megapixel recorder which also means that you only get 2 MP out of 5 MP equipment. They do this so they are able to oversell their specifications. Hence, its important to note that when u have a 5 megapixel system, its important to ensure that the system is properly installed by a certified professional.

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