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CCTV security systems deployment for factories and large scale warehouses

Deployment of cameras in factories can be very tricky having to juggle the costs and also the length of the cables. Mostly, factories and large scale warehouses have spaces larger than 30,000 sq feet.

This poses a few problems pertaining to such deployments as:

1. The length of the cabling is high jacking up the cost for the client

2. Not all areas are accessible and can allow cables to run through

3. In such a big area, the cameras need to be located strategically to ensure adequate coverage of critical items

Hence, for most factory and warehouses owners, beefing up security within your premises might break your bank if you engage a party whom you are not familiar with, questioning his expertise in this trade.

At Homesafe Security, we make use of network, control points and creative ideas to help clients minimise cost and reduce cabling so that they are able to derive good value from their CCTV systems.

Our primary focus is to deliver a high value for money system that is clear and achieve the security objectives within the premises.

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