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CCTV brands to look out for in 2018

CCTV camera system deployed in office

With the influx of IoT and integration of intelligent functions, 2018 would be a promising year for the CCTV industry in terms of growth. Other than added functionality, we are developing cost efficient solutions for our clients to increase productivity, monitoring capabilities and video analytics.

We would be expecting upcoming brands to showcase a huge variety of functionality. Here are the brands to look out for in 2018.

1. CP plus

Country of origin: India

Functions to look out for: facial recognition, low cost systems, high resolution camera systems

2. Hikvision

Country of origin: China

Functions to look out for: Deep Learning Technology, CCTV analytics, attendance functions, intrusion detection, drone camera systems with patrol functions

3. Hanhwa Techwin (previously known as Samsung)

Country of origin: South Korea

Functions to look out for: City Wide Surveillance, retail store analytics solution

CCTV systems will be set to look ahead for better information tracking and monitoring in the year 2018. And as usual, Homesafe Security is set to ensure that we deliver the best solutions to our clients.

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