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Installation of home CCTV cameras outside home. DO we really need it?

Home CCTV cameras these days are commonplace in most urban developments. With rules however still kept upheld in most HDB and private condominiums, an application is commonly required with MCST or town councils pertaining to such installations. You can always write in to the town council (if police have advocated you to place a security camera outside your doorstep) or to the MCST and request that such cameras be in place.

Please do bear in mind that you will need to juggle the needs of having a camera outside your house against the privacy of your neighbours. However, a carefully placed and adjusted camera would definitely not evade much privacy in that sense.

Below are the benefits of having a home CCTV camera outside your house.

1. It is inexpensive to have a home CCTV camera outside your home. Rates for a HD720P camera would start at $550 and comes with a recorder. All recorders come with motion sensors and we recommend that you keep the motion detection function on.

2. With parcels and deliveries taking place all the time, its definitely something good to have due to the nature of the items that are being delivered and sometimes left outside the door. we do encourage all clients to keep a close eye on deliveries.

3. It will help to improve general safety of the neighbourhood. Accidents and misfortunes do not choose where to happen. Sometimes, cameras do capture the occurrence of harassment, fights or even automobile accidents and this helps to protect the general safety of the neighbour hood and all its occupants

4. It also helps to prevent and deter loiters from happening outside your house in cases whereby: common theft of shoes, loanshark harassment, theft of undergarments, vandals or stalkers happen in HDB estates.

Conclusion: It is something good to have, so long as the privacy of the neighbourhood is being protected. Also, having a home CCTV camera outside the house do serve the purpose of having an additional "security guard" outside your doorstep. It protects and enables you to view the home CCTV camera footage

home CCTV camera system

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