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Troubleshooting the home CCTV camera system

It is common to face problems connecting to your home CCTV camera system as your home network is never static; with the change of a home router, a reset in the wireless devices or simply the router does a factory reset on its own.

It could also be attributed to home CCTV camera system being powered off, or the camera might have broke down, hard disk is giving errors due to overheating etc.

With such a wide array of issues, it takes some form of discernment to find out what is really wrong with the camera system.

Problems can always be broken up into two main categories.

Firstly, it could be due to camera issues meaning you do get the connection to the recorder, but you are unable to see the cameras. Typically, you would see a no video displayed on the login.

Secondly, it might be due to network issues. In this case, you would see network messages such as network failure or connection failed.

Hence, to mitigate the first problem, it is important to check if the power supply for the home cameras are kept on and also check if the connectors have been connected to the recorder box.

For the second issue, it is important to check if the power to the recorder box is on. Next if the power is on, on and off the system to ensure that the connection is refreshed.

Any issues, you can always contact homesafe security at 66460074 for us to render some form of assistance.

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